About Wavecrest Guest House

Built in 1852, we have been working towards returning the exterior of this beautiful house to its original glory since 1987. Recently we reinstated the railings that surrounded the property before World War 2, when they were taken down and used to make ammunition. We have also restored the wooden sash windows to their former glory, with the added benefit of modern double glazing. The front path has been re-tiled using an original Victorian pattern, in keeping with our restoration of the facade.

Wavecrest Through The Years


The Wavecrest is built


The Wavecrest's front railings are dismantled and melted down for ammunition


The Jackson family take ownership and open the Wavecrest Guest House - advertising colour TVs in all rooms


In an effort to restore the facade of the building the front railings are returned to their former glory

We're looking forward to your stay!